Essay about compare and contrast two cities

Beside, you realize clearly that it is very cold in the winter and warm in the summer although Da lat has two seasons that are rain season and dry season.

One reason i get accepted to this makes the streets are many kinds of them. It rains a lot of but it stop soon and sunshine appears so that all activities happen busily. I missed the quiet of the night. Conclude each paragraph with a sentence that sums up the importance of this particular comparison.

How to Compare Two Cities When Writing an Essay

When you compare them, they seem like dramatically different places, but they have some things in common, and I love them both. Both cities are rich in world and national history, though they developed on very different time lines.

The time had come for me to return to my native New England. One could not help but marvel at the nighttime panorama from the top of the Sepulveda Pass with its vast array of city lights on both sides of the pass. It was not only one of the northernmost points of the Roman Empire but also the epicenter of the British Empire where it held significant global influence from the early sixteenth century on through the early twentieth century.

From that point onward to today, however, Washington, DC, has increasingly maintained significant global influence. As crops, i am not apply to approach. Unlike Da lat, Vung tau activities take place normally in the rain season.

Beside, you realize clearly that it is very cold in the winter and warm in the summer although Da lat has two seasons that are rain season and dry season. On the contrary, coming to Vung tau city, the tourist like bathing in the beach and enjoying the fresh seafood.

Read through a second time to polish any sentences that would sound better with different words, phrases, or sentence structures. Eastport is a cropping of five small islands connected to the mainland of coastal Maine by a seven-mile causeway through the tidal waters of rock, mud, sand, pines and birch trees.

For instant, when you stay DaLat city, you feel the weather that changes follow the four seasons in year and in a day such as spring is in the morning, summer is in the noon, autumn is in the afternoon, and winter is in the evening.

First, the climate in DaLat city is different from climate in Vung tau city. Unlike Da lat, Vung tau scenery is naturally beautiful with a long beach and fresh green rice fields because Vung tau has 20 kilometers of coastline with famous soft-sand beaches and calm waters.

Compare and contrast essay papers examples Even though both as well as ever. Different in paris until its citizens with jakarta become the year round.

Compare and Contrast About Two Cities Essay

With a year round population of residents, 3, in the summer, Eastport blossomed in the summer months and went to bed in the winter. Seen from the Lon and Nho Mountain, Vung tau looked like the miniature map. So many people, so much crime, it was a given of the societal make up of a large city like Los Angeles.

Although there are several similarities between DaLat city and Vung tau city, there are many obvious differences between them as mentioned in this essay First, the climate in DaLat city is different from climate in Vung tau city.The compare-and-contrast essay starts with a thesis that clearly states the two subjects that are to be compared, contrasted, or both and the reason for doing so.

The thesis could lean more toward comparing, contrasting, or both.

Comparison Essay: A Life in Two Cities

Compare and contrast essays means you have to examine the similarities and differences between two or more things. In this example, I have decided to compare and contrast two cities, New York and Los Angeles, in terms of climate, housing, population and transportation. So, your assignment is to write an essay comparing two citiesfor example, Philadelphia and Dublin.

Essay compare and contrast two cities

If you already have a focused prompt for the topic and scope. Contrast paragraphs ask you to write about the differences between two things (cities, foods, etc.). Thus, they are the opposite of compare paragraphs, which ask you to find the similarities between two.

Comparison Essay: A Life in Two Cities

Nov 02,  · topic2: Write an essay contrasting two cities (comparision – contrast essay) 02 Nov Da lat and Vung Tau city, which were established early. Before you begin to draft a compare and contrast essay, you should brainstorm by creating a Venn diagram or a chart to list pros and cons of each subject you are comparing to another.

Comparison essays can be constructed in two ways. You can focus on one side of your comparison at a.

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Essay about compare and contrast two cities
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