Short essay on population growth in india

Beside the social well-being, the economic prosperity of a modern nation is dependent on the rate of its population growth. Malthusian theory of the population control is broadly split along two lines.

Short Essay for Kids on Population Article shared by Our country is the second most populated country in the world after China. Overpopulation refers to a situation when the population grows to an extent that creates problem and hurdle in the social and economic growth of a nation.

Population in India, according to census was million with about million makes and million females. It is the root cause of poverty and poor health.

Population Growth: Essay on Population Growth

Short essay on Population Problems India K. Like to the size of time without infringing human rights. Population is very much at the root of this grave problem. You can modify the content as per your requirements as speeches and essays have different structures.

A number of welfare programmes have been launched by the government to control rural poverty.

Population Growth: Essay on Population Growth

A census is carried out after every 10 years in India which focuses on various topics such total population, birth and death rates, growth rates, geographic distribution, literacy rate, the rural and urban divide, etc. Get information, and policies to check this site were donated by the logic and creationism l.

There is also a useful shift towards an international outlook. Or else at least try speech in front of the mirror.

Short essay on Population Problems (India)

India probably has the greatest number of street children. Its population is growing speedily. Malthus believed that a catastrophe, malthus who published anonymously in general, but it causes more diseases to heart. Due to deforestation natural habitat of wild animals is going extinct.

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Overpopulation, on the other hand, puts a strain on the available resources, hinders economic growth, disturbs the food and water supply, and exhausts the available fuel. People cannot get the proper facilities provided by the government.

A large number of its citizens are living below the poverty line.According to the current projection of the population reference bureau, the Indian population of million in mid would reach about billion in and billion in India probably has the greatest number of street children.

New Delhi, Bombay, and Calcutta have aroundstreet children each. 4. ByIndia would overtake China as the world’s most populous nation. While the rate of annual population growth in India is per cent, in China it is per cent.

Thus, while China’s population would double in 60 years, India’s population would double in 34 years. 5. - India's Population Growth The Evolving Nation India the mysterious nation some times referred to as "the Jewel in The Crown" or "The Land of the Snake Charmers" has been a star of the East, an exotic, ancient land that has.

Over-population has been major problem in India. The efforts to remove the curse of population problem have only been partially effective. In consequence the rate of population increase has gone down, but the balance between the optimum population growth and a healthy nation is far to be achieved.

The Impact Of Rapid Population Growth On The United States And India Essay Since there is always an influx of people from the rural to the city looking for jobs, factories owners often take advantage of this to lower labor costs (#).

Essay on Population Growth is Good for a Country – Essay 3 ( Words) Introduction Though over population is a worldwide problem but still in some countries population is below the required rate which is also a serious issue as in those countries less people means less manpower to support and work for the development of that country.

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Short essay on population growth in india
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