Writing a website brief template

Will there be discussion forums? Increase your web traffic Add a new functionality, such as eCommerce or Blog Make more sales To become mobile friendly responsive website A booking system Who are your main competitors, both locally, and nationally Are you rebranding?

Presenting accurate timings to an agency will result in a far smoother project. This should not be seen solely as a beauty contest where you just present designs that you like. Who are your competitors? Measure your Success Has it worked?

Create a mood board. Being realistic about exactly what level of control you require over a site is fundamental to ensuring that you a get the system that is right for you and b save money by not developing unnecessary features.

Your Starter For Ten: 10 things never to leave out of a web design brief

Having thought about your target audience, take the opportunity to review whether your content still meets their needs. More so than any other project they tend to invite opinions from all corners. Firstly they are a hybrid of pure design and technology.

The promotion of your website, in terms of increasing visibility in search engines and generating a sense of engagement, is vitally important to the continued success of the site.

How to Write a Short Bio Template

Others are far more concerned with the minutiae. Could it offer functionality to make processes easier?

How to Write a Website Design Brief

What do your users want? This is another reason why it is so crucial to have a website working party within your organisation, and for you to encourage people to take part in the sourcing and publishing of new information.

If you have a vision for the future of the site then communicate this to your agency, as they can not only make recommendations as to how this might be achieved, but they can also factor this in to their initial designs.

Do you need to add files for download, create links, create pages, restructure pages, display news or content from third party sites or provide a facility for customers to comment or get in touch? Project Overview This section will answer the question Why are you going to create this website?

What do you want the new website to do? With this, as with every other element of a briefing document, it makes so much sense to be open and honest. Should it be multi-lingual?A template brief is available to download below – download it, fill it in and send it out. Good luck with your website design brief and don’t forget to include us on your.

Tomango’s comprehensive guide on how to create a website design brief, with a free template to download and edit. T omango +44 (0) How to create a website design brief - download our template Instead of deliberating about what you need and slaving away writing a long document. Writing a web design brief I have had the pleasure of being involved on both sides of the website procurement process - answering RFPs (Request for Proposal, or Tenders in the UK) and in helping clients to draft web design briefs.5/5(7).

How to write a Website Creative Brief

How To Build A Concise Creative Brief (Three Free Templates) This is how it should look in each template: Word Document Creative Brief Example: Excel Spreadsheet Creative Brief Example: This could include creating one for strategy meetings, another for writing and design, one more for coding and development, and so on (depending on.

How to write a Website Creative Brief If you are reading this you are shopping around, looking at lots of web design company websites.

When writing your creative brief, think about including the following information. words about your company. How long have you been in business? Looking for a project brief example or a template? Check out the project brief toolkit, with FREE to use template, samples, examples, guide and even video tutorials.

A Project Brief is that essential document, A detailed talk on writing a creative brief from .

Writing a website brief template
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